Can't I just hear the incoming Lightning?

In many cases, Lightning can bridge long tracks of sky making bolts seemingly appear out of the blue. These events are predictable by measuring the radio waves given off by the lightning itself. These waves are what the X2 is particularly sensitive to. The waves travel much farther and faster than sound can travel. Often relying on your senses alone can have deadly consequences for you and your facility.

Can I use the X2 Lightning Detector Indoors?

The X2 can be used indoors but its sensitivity can be hindered by large amounts of steel and concrete. The best possible use is outdoors or nearly outdoors with no more than a single wall in-between the detector and the outdoors. 

Are you in any way affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

No. Great team though. Go Bolts!

What makes your detector better than those on the market currently?

Two major things differentiate us from the competition.

First, we actually work as advertised. This is not just marketing hype, many detectors on the market are simply toys with outlandish claims of range and accuracy. Its a significant problem in this industry. We are out to change this though education and better engineering development. We don't exaggerate the accuracy of the product and our sensor was developed by expert electrical engineers. The sensor was thoroughly tested to establish its credibility in real storm environments.

Second, our method of detection is somewhat different. We use a different (higher) frequency to avoid noise sources that commonly plague other handheld lightning and storm detectors.

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