Sferic, Turnkey Solar Powered Mesh-Network Nodes

Sferic Wireless Mesh System

Sferic Wireless Mesh System

The Sferic mesh-networking platform is a flexible environmental sensor data collection platform coupled with optional public alert capability. The system has a redundant solar-charged battery backup system for long-term unattended operation. 

Examples of Sferic Systems Include:

  • Public early warning systems for
    • Lightning within a defined radius of the site. 
    • Gas CO2 and CO
    • High wind warning
  • City wide pollution monitoring and mapping
  • Anemometer sensor for wind-field data logging applications
  • Pyranometer for solar radiation measurement
  • Crop temperature monitoring
  • Internet connected nodes available


High gain antenna available for longer range

High gain antenna available for longer range

Basic Specifications:

Assembly (with Strobe/Siren) option: 16.5"Hx9.25"Wx7.25"D
Domestic and International Shipping Available
Origin: USA, Made in USA
Item Model Number: Sferic ZX1
Power System, Batteries: 2 6V 14Ah VLRA Lead Acid Batteries: 12V regulated power available. 
Wireless System: High-power 900Mhz ISM Band

Technical Specifications:

900Mhz ISM Band
Industrial temperature rating (-40° C to +85° C)
Optional (AES 128-bit) encryption
Audible alarm 95dB single tone (5Khz)
IEEE standard 802.15.4 backwards compatible
Batteries 2x 6v VLRA batteries.
50 mW (+17 dBm) power output

Key Benefits: 

No existing infrastructure needed, each node is entirely self-contained and powered. 
Easily adapted for all your sensing and warning needs. 
Wireless mesh networking. No setup needed and extreme reliability. 
Optional encryption (AES 256-bit) for secure applications. 
Optional 95dB siren and DOT Class 1 flasher alerts the surrounding area. 
5 Mile+ range in Line of Sight applications. 

The Greatest Flexibility

Running cable across vast distances is expensive, time consuming, and impractical. Sferic's mesh networking and solar power allows for rapid deployment over even the most treacherous of terrain. The distribution of information you wish to convey is vital. That's why Sferic was designed with mesh networking in mind. If one unit fails or runs out of power, the rest of the system still functions, still communicating that vital information wherever it's needed. 

Advanced Durability

Sferic was designed from the beginning to be a durable hands-off device that just plain works.  A durable poly-carbonate enclosure withstands the toughest of abuse. The enclosure is weatherproofed and sealed. 

Self Healing Mesh Networking

Using Sferic's self healing mesh protocol (IEEE 802.15.4 standard) the network relays data from one mesh node to another without any existing infrastructure. The healing nature of the protocol is useful when the device is used in a hostile environment. The destruction of one node will have a very limited impact on a properly designed network. 

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